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Custom Laser Solutions

Along with our standardized product line, Forward Photonics offers customized solutions for your most demanding applications:

  • Power – Brightness – Wavelength

    • UV • Visible • NIR • SWIR • MWIR • LWIR

    • Forward Photonics develops lasers with brightness levels (high power and excellent beam quality) not previously achievable in certain wavelengths.

  • Combiners

    • If there’s a power level we don’t offer standard, we can develop a new laser module or combine existing products using spatial, polarization, or dichroic combination.

  • Cooling

    • If conventional chiller or TEC cooling systems do not meet your needs, we have experience developing advanced cooling technologies for our customers.

  • Power Conditioning

    • Whether you need stable CW power or a modulatable output, we will work with you to develop the ideal power conditioning system for your application.


Please contact us to see how a semiconductor-based laser from Forward Photonics can help achieve your goals.

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