Semiconductors are a very attractive technology for generating laser beams.  They are extremely efficient, spectrally versatile, low cost, compact, easy to use, rugged, and reliable.  However, the main limitation of semiconductor lasers are their relatively low output powers at the individual chip level.  


Side by side combining allows one to scale the power hundreds or thousands of times more than a single chip, but this is done at the expense of severely degrading the beam quality.  In fact, semiconductor lasers are exceedingly used as pumps for other laser technologies, such as fiber and solid-state lasers, where higher beam qualities are acceptable.  


Forward Photonics is able to leverage all the benefits of semiconductor lasers, at world record power levels, without the need to degrade the modal quality of the laser output.  We do this by employing our proprietary Wavelength Beam Combining technology, resulting in lasers with the following characteristics:


  • High power and efficiency

  • Excellent beam quality

  • Multi-spectral capabilities

  • Low cost

  • Rugged and reliable

  • Ease of use and manufacturability


Aside from our line of standard mid/long-wave IR and Near IR lasers, we can adapt existing products or develop fully custom solutions to meet our customers needs.  We also provide our customers with laser modules, OEM engines, and full turn-key systems.  Our capabilities include development of cooling technologies and power conditioning systems and will help you choose or develop the right components to best suit your requirements.